We take of the little ones needs and educate them from grade 1 all the way to grade 7. A good solid foundation is critical to future learning.

Subjects on offer include:
English, Maths, Shona, Religious Studies, Social Studies, Agriculture, Environmental Science, Art, Computers


At this level we offer subjects that gears them for higher learning. All subject offered from form 1 - 6 are recognised by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

Subjects on offer include:
Maths, Geography, Science, Accounts, English, Agriculture, Fashion and Fabrics, Food and Nutrition, Carpentry


Our well equipped workshops and labs allow us to get the students skilled for different career paths.

Subjects on offer include:
Computers, Garment Construction, Carbinet Making, Book Keeping, Business Calculations, Stone Carving


We offer an array of sports for our students to keep physically fit. Netball, Soccer for both boys and girls, Volleyball, Athletics are some of the sports on offer.


For the little ones we have Bin Bag, Sack Race, Balloon popping, egg or potato race, clothes race, tie your shoe lace, bottle sand fill.

Competitively we take part in the following competitions: CASA games, EPSA games, Cluster games, Danhiko Paralympics games